About Dr. Kenny Handelman

Dr. Kenny Handelman is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist who is an expert in ADD/ADHD.
He is board certified in the USA and Canada, and is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario and the best-selling author of: Attention Difference Disorder: How To Turn Your ADHD Child or Teen's Differences Into Strengths in 7 Simple Steps, a book for parents of kids and teens with ADHD.

Dr. Handelman teaches other doctors, residents and medical students, as well as parents, educators and kids/teens about ADD/ADHD. He speaks internationally on the subject and is often interviewed on television and radio. He conducts clinical research in ADD/ADHD, and writes the widely-read ADD ADHD Blog, getting over 700,000 visitors per year. Dr. Handelman's strength- based approach to ADD/ADHD has been well received by parents of kids and teens, as it provides a practical approach, which includes specifics on how to achieve success.


Secrets to ADHD Success - PDF and MP3 Downloads
Value $99
Get Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Information Right Away
This program to cover all aspects of ADD and ADHD.
We cover information which will jump start the newest beginner...
• If you suspect that your child has ADD or ADHD - you will find out all you need to know
• If your child was recently diagnosed - you will save hours of research by getting the essential information right

We cover information which will dramatically help you if you have intermediate or even advanced knowledge...
After covering the basics - we quickly move into more advanced strategies - including:
  • Up to Date Medication Information
  • Parenting Strategies that Work
  • School Strategies that can make all the difference

In the two bonus calls (which include almost 3 hours of content), Dr. Handelman answers questions from parents about all aspects of ADHD:
  • Specific Medication Questions
  • The use of Alternative Approaches in ADHD
  • Parenting Strategies
  • School Strategies
  • And a whole lot more...
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Secrets to Adult ADHD Success - PDF and MP3 Downloads
Value $99
You are only minutes away…

From learning what you need to know to move from uncertainty to being on the road to success, even with ADHD

From discovering the tips, tricks and techniques for succeeding with Adult ADHD

From taking the specific steps needed to get yourself 'on track' and to stay on track

Bonus #1: Question and Answer Call Recording

This call covered these topics:

  • Adult ADHD and relationships, including marriage and intimacy (as well as sex)
  • An overview of treatment for Adult ADD/ADHD
  • Medication - overviews and specifics
  • Alternatives - some alternatives that work - Cogmed, Neurofeedback, Omega 3's, etc.
  • Challenges with kids/parenting
  • Strategies that work when one parent has ADHD
  • Concerns for children - because of the genetics of ADHD
  • Treatment for sleep problems,
  • Coexisting/comorbid conditions - anxiety, depression
  • Self esteem issues
  • How to handle stigma/ignorance
  • A discussion about fibromyalgia and ADHD,
  • Hormones and menopause... and ADHD
  • And a lot more...
Bonus #2: ADHD And Diet Digital Book

Many people want to look at alternative approaches for ADD and ADHD. While the research is often limited - there is information out there that can make a big difference for you.

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Attention Difference Disorder Digital Audio Program - MP3 Download
Value $195
  • MP3 Audio Recording of the training: ‘Attention Difference Disorder and the 7 Step System’: a 93 minute audio program
  • PDF Transcript of the program
  • MP3 Audio of a Seminar presentation on Treatments for ADHD – i.e. Medications and Alternatives
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Book: Attention Difference Disorder
Value $17.95

Parents of kids and teens with ADD or ADHD often struggle with the myths and stigma surrounding their child's condition. This can often lead to parental guilt and shame. In Attention Difference Disorder, Dr. Handelman combines his clinical and scientific background with a positive, strength based approach to bring you 7 simple steps to succeed with ADD.

Dr. Handelman shares that there is not always a deficit in attention with ADD, rather there are differences. As he writes: " One of the themes of this book is to take your child's deficits and turn them into differences, and then turn those differences into strengths."

In this concise, easy to read and thorough book, you'll begin to see ADD in a completely different light. The science is combined with a practical and easy to implement approach, where the 7 steps help parents navigate the different treatments needed to help their children succeed. The 7 steps include strategies for home, school, medications as well as one of the most thorough reviews of the science behind the Alternative Treatments for ADD yet published.

Attention Difference Disorder helps parents to understand their "Parent's ADD Journey", and address whether ADD can be a gift and provides a 6 step plan to help you to unwrap the gifts in ADD.

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ADHD Seminar Recordings (digital)
Value $99
Here’s what’s included:
  • Recordings of The Learning Disabilities Conference
  • The Keynote Address: Unwrapping The Gifts of ADD/ADHD:
  • 1 hour, 19 minutes - MP3 Recording & PDF Handouts
  • The Parent Workshop: Medication and Alternative Treatments for ADD/ADHD:
  • 1 hour, 26 minutes - MP3 Recording & PDF Handouts
  • The Teacher Workshop:
  • Medication and Alternative Treatmenst for ADD/ADHD: 1 hour, 19 minutes - MP3 Recording & PDF Handouts
  • PDF Handout:
  • In addition to the recordings - I'll give you access to the PDF of my powerpoint handouts. That will make it easier for you to follow along with the lectures.
  • The recordings of a half day seminar
  • covering all aspects of ADD/ADHD, including new brain research, detailed research on Omega 3s and Food Additives... mp3 Recordings- $75 Value
  • ADD Speech to local community group:
  • 1 hour 38 minute speech with tons of Question and Answer (that my mom asked me to do!) - mp3 recordings
This Keynote Speech contains 81 minutes of information, such as:
  • Is ADD truly a gift?
  • Hear case examples - that you can use to explain this to doctors, therapists, teachers, and your child or spouse!
  • The logic experiment that will help you to decide if ADD is a gift once and for all for yourself
  • 6 steps to unwrap the gifts of ADD or ADHD
  • How the 'medical system' can actually be harming your or your child's future
  • Recognize the 'medical downward spiral' before it causes harm
  • Find the definitive answer - is there genius in ADD?
  • Discover the 7 simple steps that can turn your ADD differences into strengths
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The Attention Difference Disorder video
Value $99
You’ll get digital access to watch a 94 minute presentation about Attention Difference Disorder. This was a community presentation, where I explained the whole ‘Attention Difference Disorder’ system. You’ll be able to watch it on your computer, or even download a copy to watch on your ipod/ipad or other tablet.

On this video, you’ll watch and hear all about the 7 step system to help kids and teens to do well with ADD/ADHD.

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Adult ADHD Coaching Session
Value $49
“Technology Tools For ADD: Both High and Low Tech Tools for Help At Home and Work”
You’ll get digital access to an Adult ADHD Coaching session from our ‘Insiders’ Membership site. In this 66 minute training session, expert coach Lynne Edris (from shares technology tools to help you to be more effective in day to day life. These tools will help you to:
  • Sleep better
  • Wake up better
  • Find things that you lose (keys, cell phone)
  • Handle papers
  • and much more…

With this training, you’ll get: a) mp3 recording of the call, b) PDF handout (to follow along while you listen), and c) a PDF transcript of the call to read later on your e-reader (or computer).

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ADHD Coaching for Parents of Kids and Teens
Value $49
“Electronic ADDiction: Take Control of Your ADHD Child/Teen’s Overuse of Electronics”
You’ll get digital access to a coaching session for Parents of kids and teens with ADD/ADHD from our ‘Insiders’ membership site. In this 65 minute training session, expert coach Diane O’Reilly (from helps parents to understand when too much technology use is a problem, and how to handle. Our kids need to use technology (for learning and connecting with their friends), and then they also get stuck on their devices, and get angry when we ask them to shut it off.

As a parent, you’ll learn when it’s time to set stronger limits, and how to do that effectively.

With this training, you’ll get: a) mp3 recording of the call, b) PDF handout (to follow along while you listen), and c) a PDF transcript of the call to read later on your e-reader (or computer).