About Wendy Hart
Wendy Joy Hart is an International Speaker and Coach and the creator of “The Procrastination Cure System: 7 Simple Steps that Compel You to Follow Through (and Make More Money!)”
She has over 25 years of experience in human behavior, sales and psychology. Using little-known tools and cutting-edge brain science, she has developed this unique system that has people end procrastination fast, and for good.
Wendy has coached thousands of clients on siz continents (mostly Mom’s with home-based based businesses) to reduce overwhelm, increase their sales, and get past whatever barriers were causing them to be drained or stuck.
The Promise: Increase your Follow Through by 3 x or more, in 3 months or less, using 1/3 or less of the effort you were using before. No Will Power Required!
Pic of Unopend Tapes
"For years I’ve taken more Personal Development and Success Training courses than you can count (and this isn’t all of them--there’s another closet shelf full that couldn’t fit on my couch.) You’ll notice that some of these have never even been opened...
The Procrastination Cure is the FIRST and ONLY course that I ever got all the way through. It’s also the BEST course that I’ve ever taken and it’s completely change my and my husband’s lives for the better! (After being unemployed for nearly 2 years, my husband started the cure and within a few weeks he got an Amazing full time job where he’s really happy and winning!) We can’t recommend Wendy or the Cure highly enough!"
Pam Fahey, Oklahoma City, OK

With The Procrastination & Overwhelm Cure You Will Achieve:
  • Increased Productivity: You'll find yourself actually doing the tasks you know you've got to do, but have been putting off up until now.
  • More Confidence: You'll find your confidence growing daily, without having to "fake it till you make it". Note: Confidence only comes from taking action, never from "thinking about" taking action!
  • Absolute Clarity: You'll stop avoiding the truth about the state of your life. If you're struggling at all, it will no longer be too painful to face the habits that are in the way of your success and happiness: You'll have a sure-fire way to move forward and win!
  • Dramatically Reduce Stress: Accomplish more with less effort or strain, and dissolve the pressure that comes from not following through on important projects.
  • Get Better Organized: It's easy to de-clutter your home and office when you use these stealth techniques. Again, it can feel great to work in a neat, organized environment.

Proof That The Procrastination & Overwhelm Cure Works
I could sit here all day and tell you about all the wonderful things The Procrastination Cure will do for you.
But I figured I would let people who've actually benefited from this product tell you instead....
My business activity increased by 300% and my sales volume increased by over 1000%
Monica Schroeder
Mary Calvillo,
Kansas City
My business doubled this month and it was effortless!
Monica Schroeder
Nicole Bentley,
Dallas, TX
Life before the Cure was scary--I was trying to manage depression, divorce and bankruptcy.What has changed since the course is EVERYTHING. I don't beat myself up any more and Iknow that I'll be okay. Now I'm filled with peace and hope. Take this course and trust Wendy--this is the best class I've ever taken (and I've taken many) and it is absolutely life-changing.
Monica Schroeder
Monica Schroeder,
Vancouver, WA
Before the Cure my life was very heavy. I had a lot of dread, frustration, anxiety and anger in mylife. Since taking the cure the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. People who know me are seeing the difference. If you're considering taking the Cure, don't wait or second guess yourself; it will absolutely change your life!
Sarah Tymeson
Sarah Tymeson,
Waverly MN
This class has been the single most influential class that I've ever taken to improve my business.I've been on bed rest for the past 3 1/2 months with my pregnancy. My numbers doubled and then tripled, and I haven't even left my house; stress is out the window, and it's from the a ha's that I got from taking the Procrastination Cure!
Denise Cox
Denise Cox,
Denver CO
Before the cure I was overwhelmed and exhausted. Now I'm getting more done in less time; I'm sleeping better and am less stressed, there's a bounce back in my step. Even though I was very skeptical this course has completely changed things for me; it's absolutely worth it!
Karla Reisch
Karla Reisch,
Minneapolis, MN

2 All New Package Choices:

A. The Procrastination and Overwhelm Cure 3.0

This kit is the third version of the Cure after 10 years of applying and refining the Steps with thousands of clients on 6 continents.

Containing new tools, new perspectives and spoken in a clearer way, this version of the Cure took a group of men and women through the course for 6 weeks. Special attention was paid to 2013 concerns such as handling email and information overload, dealing with clutter, and money stress, etc. Also, there are many new examples for Parents of effectively using the Cure with children.
B. The Procrastination and Overwhelm Cure for Work at Home Women

This kit took all the advances of the one above, and focussed on the needs of woman who are running a business from home. The class took a group of “direct marketing women” from various industries and covered areas such as:
  • How to Make More Money
  • Getting Yourself to Talk to Prospects
  • Working Smarter, not Harder
  • AND, the effects of Estrogen on the Female Brain (Hint: This is why it is easier for women to multi-task and harder for us to be ‘single-focussed’ than men)

Each kit contains ALL of the items below, with either a general focus for Option A. The Procrastination and Overwhelm Cure 3.0, or a specific focus on business for Option B. The Procrastination and Overwhelm Cure for Work at Home Women.
The Procrastination Cure Quick Start Video - Online Video

Since we’re sure that you want to get started right away and have your success be as easy as possible, Wendy will walk you through her system and show you how to get the results that you want FAST! In just a few minutes, you can have a game plan for how to work with this material and get into action quickly and effortlessly. In as little as an hour, you’ll be up and running with new ideas and new ways to move past where you’ve been stuck!
The Procrastination Cure Workbook - Downloadable PDF

Again, since we know your time is at a premium, Wendy has prepared a “Cliff Notes” Version of the Cure for those of you who are visual learners. Complete with illustrations, this workbook (ebook form) contains the essentials of her system as well as interactive exercises for you to complete which will deepen the learning and change your neural pathways for success. A quick and entertaining read, this Workbook will be a manual that you refer to over and over again. It will make you smile every time, even as it changes your life for the better.

There is a separate workbook for each kit.

The Procrastination Cure Audio Suite - Downloadable MP3s
Comprised of Six live audio training sessions of the Cure, you’ll get to listen in as other Parents just like you incorporate the Cure into their, and their families lives.
The audios are funny, poignant, and very very instructive. Listening to the live coaching is never boring; in fact, listeners have consistently said how relieved and hopeful they felt after learning the Cure this way.
By getting to hear what everybody else is going through and then hearing about their wild successes, it takes it out of “feeling like school” and brings the learning to your real life in a much more immediate way. (Plus, it’s always great to discover first hand that “you’re not the only one” who has struggled with these issues.) There’s real, tangible comfort and inspiration that happens from listening to such wonderful real-life stories, and the learning that comes from them will leave you breathless.

***Note: These audios come as downloadable links, which means that you don’t have to be near your computer to hear them. As a matter of fact, Wendy recommends that you put them on your personal mp3 player to have in your pocket or purse while you’re waiting in line or driving, etc. Just like the steps of the Cure, the material is designed to fit easily into the nooks and crannies of your life, and become a happy, natural part of the way you live life.

There are different audios for each kit.

The Procrastination Cure Manual - Downloadable PDF
The manual is a lightly edited transcription of the Procrastination Cure audio suite. It was created for you visual learners in mind; clients have told Wendy how much they enjoy reading and/or listening and reading along, and highlighting passages that really represent “big new Ideas” that they want to remember.

What science tells us is that the more parts of the brain that you can light up when learning something new (in this case visual as well as auditory areas) then you will RETAIN much more and EMBODY much more than you ever did when you were learning in school. If you choose to listen AND read the Procrastination Cure material, as well as engage with the interactive exercises, you will go the fastest and remember the most when the rubber meets the road. The design of this course has left nothing to chance when it comes to optimizing your chances to get the most out of these tools for lasting positive change.

There are separate manuals for each kit.

Total Value of the Procrastination & Overwhelm Cure System Kits $497 
(Fully Downloadable)

Supplementary Live Coaching with 2 Webinars:

1. Productivity and Your “Parts”

You know when you have the feeling that, “Part of me wants to be successful. But another part of me just wants to just bury my head in the sand? Or over eat or drink? Or go spend money that I don’t have, etc.?”

That kind Self-Sabotaging is caused by inner split energy and resistance. You’re fighting inside and don’t know how to make it stop.

In this newest version of the Procrastination and Overwhelm Cure Kits, I go into this concept and share 1 tool on how to deal with this issue.

Since this is such a big topic, I’ve decided to provide this 75 minute interactive coaching webinar to go into more depth and give you more strategies to work with your ‘inner parts.’


2. How to Maximize Your Time Now, AND Get Ready for the New Year!

Did you know that there are 3 times of the year when it’s MUCH easier to get things done? They are (in order,) the New Year, September/early October or “Back to School” time, and Early Spring (or when Spring weather begins to happen in your part of the world.)

Powerful unconscious patterns work in our favor at those times to get into momentum easier than usual. No matter what country you are from, there are strong cultural drives that give us the impulse to “start something new.”

For a variety of reasons that I’ll discuss on this webinar, it pays to take advantage of these rare times in the calendar year, when a tiny bit of the right kind of action can reap you BIG rewards.

Come to this interactive session where you can get your questions answered as well as make a strategy to get a great jump on the New Year.

* Both webinar dates and times to be announced.
* They will happen in the first 2 weeks of October.
* You will be emailed login details.

Please add helper@WendyJoyHart.com (our support email) to your email address book so that notices for these webinars don’t go into your spam folder.
Value: $297
Downloadable Audio Tips
You will receive eight downloadable 2-5 minute audio tips and reminders that you can download to your portable mp3 player. Carry them with you to have on hand at a moment’s notice, right at the instant you could use the help.
Invaluable for their ability to bring “calm in an stormy moment,” they are an immediate reminder that “everything’s going to be okay” during those intense moments when you just maybe aren’t so sure...
Former and current clients rave about these audio tips; they listen over and over and rely on them a lot.
Value $160

Fostering greatness in children using Procrastination Cure

Downloadable audio
In this audio, Coach Wendy covers the most cutting-edge science behind positive habit formation as well as new and exciting ways to call forth the quality of “Greatness” in children.

Using the tools of the Cure in specific ways to engender positive learning environments (without creating attitudes of entitlement), this audio will help parents gain new perspectives, insights and valuable tools for assisting even the most intractably difficult children.

What would it give you to reach, and positively impact, even the most challenging, unruly children in your environment? And what if, beyond that, the “typical kids” showed powerful new movement toward self-awareness, self-esteem and leadership?

That’s what’s possible with the tools on this audio.

Note: This is advanced, supplementary material that isn’t part of The Procrastination Cure System that’s currently sold online.

  • Results that are common from this training are:
  • Less dawdling over chores and doing homework,
  • Less fighting and more harmony between siblings,
  • Exponential increases in esteem and self-confidence, and
  • More enthusiasm for learning, among others.

When Kids find out that it hasn’t been their fault that they’ve been resisting doing things like schoolwork, and they discover that it can be easy and fun for them, watch out!

It’s not uncommon for parents and teachers to report that kids “bloom like flowers” overnight, or seem to have “personality transplants” very quickly by using these simple-to-teach tools.

Value: $97
2 Complimentary Tickets to the Live Event

Dissolve Your Blocks to Success with Coach Wendy Joy Hart

January 10-12, 2014 Orange County, California

Join me in beautiful Southern California for 3 days of fun and transformation!

As many of you know, I came from a background of fierce adversity; by rights I should be either deceased or in a padded room somewhere. Instead, I’ve been able to thrive and contribute to the success of others. I’ve have created a life that I love.

In this interactive workshop, I’ll be able to share tools that I’m only able to deliver in a live environment. Come and play and let me show you first hand how I did it, and how you can use the same techniques to finally truly go after your “Big Life.”

Note: In the future, the investment for this workshop will be $497 or more. But as a bonus for you as a member of the Great Parenting Show, you may have Two Tickets, on me!

Value: $1000

Each kit is being offered at $147 each, but for a limited time, and only for us in the Great Parenting Show Community, in order to help moms be all that you can be,
Wendy is offering both kits for this one low price!